Art Weak – Crystal Ball Gallery


25.9. – 15.10.2015

Art Weak Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin

Art Weak – Installation (Detail)

Art Weak is presenting a free collection of art from the archive of the last 8 years. Art Weak is starting just after the Art Week Berlin has closed. With Art Weak, Crystal Ball gallery points out its position in relation to other gallery spaces. Again financial weakness, a smaller space or shortage of manpower is no disclusion from „official“ art. There is no barrier to present strong emerging art as the ruling establisment wants to let you know. The in- and exclusion strategies of the so called turbo capitalistic art system is getting more and more  transparent and odious. To accept the procedere and maintain to this immoral regiment of rules is not a noble aim for us as many others. The spaces are forming a new movement, where they name themselves art or project space or „Off“ spaces. To even use the word gallery is in discredit. ( Even big established gallery spaces are now ironically starting so called project spaces to take part in this movement. ) If this is barely a canting gesture shall be on the viewers opinion. But even in this network Crystal Ball is different by saying loudly: „We are not Off, We are here! Not Underground, not Mainstream, no pig, no saint, not any other drawer. We are not willing to accept the categories of a leading authority. We take our responsibility, work on the concept and present sanguine emerging art.